The Short Boot

Once upon a time there was a shoe that wasn’t too tall and a boot that was. They could never seem to meet in the middle. Then came along the short boot.

Short Boot

For when you need a little more, but you don’t want to overdress…

When Autumn arrives in the northern Rocky Mountains, it’s difficult to know just what sort of footwear the day is going to require. Some days are warm, serene. Other days are frigid and blustery. Making sure to have the most versatile outfit possible is just more important out here. That’s where we can help.


With a short boot not only can you tackle nice weather turned nasty, but you can also strut your stuff in sassy, contemporary fashion.

Whether you’re into skinny jeans, leggings, dresses, or slacks there should be a short boot to accentuate your style. Clarks Artisan series feature luxurious leather finishes and classic heels. Dansko offers incredible support and durable style. Taos creates classy footwear that’s all business, rugged combat boots in beautiful colors, booties with short and high heels, and even canvas sneakers with more support than a trip to the podiatrist. For those who would rather see their hard-earned money contribute to a better world for everybody we recommend TOMS (and yes, they make beautiful leather short boots and wedges right along side their classic canvas slip-ons).

Short Boot 2

Make a statement when you walk into the room before you ever say a word. Let our striking, practical, and beautiful footwear do all the talking.

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