Give the Gift of Brown’s


There’s nothing like a whole pile of presents under the tree to underscore your connection with friends and family. Contribute to the merriment with a trip to Brown’s.

Start simply. A pair of Smartwool socks might hug their feet for years to come.

Smartwool socks have long been the most dramatic upgrade you can make when it comes to socks. Unlike itchy, stretchy, unwashable wool socks from the past, Smartwool, as their name may suggest, employs a strategic use of longer wool fibers and an outright smart layer system that allows for soft, colorful flexibility. These socks won’t itch. They won’t shrink. They might not even stink (but that’s no excuse to skip laundry day). And they come in an amazing array of patterns, lengths, and intended uses. With everything from padded skiing and hiking socks to simple ‘no-shows’, Smartwool is the perfect gift for your special someone. And they’re on sale until the new year!

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Keep you and your loved ones safe. Protect the contents of your wallet from cyber theft with Osgood Marley and Travelon.

For years you could rest easily with the knowledge that your wallet and all the cards inside it were safe as long as they were with you. That happy truth may be an endangered piece of history, however, as criminals find more and more clever ways to steal your information and, therefore, your money.

Travelon purses and handbags are designed to prevent quick slices with knives from separating you from your goods outright. However, the most devious of thieves need not ever touch you or your bag. Now it is possible for your important credit card information to be scanned remotely (even from within your wallet) and used for nefarious ends by nefarious folks. That’s where the term “RFID Signal Blocking” should interest you.

With our products from Osgood Marley and Travelon you can protect yourself from such invasions. Inside each of their wallets, clutches, and bags is a slim layer of material designed to stop a cyber attack in its tracks. That, and Osgood Marley sports superb leather while Travelon nylon and Kevlar-infused fabrics keep everything inside dry and protected. Now that’s a smart gift!

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Finally, give the gift of happy, healthy feet.

OTZ, Haflinger, Sorel, UGG, Acorn, Olukai, and Vionic offer fantastic options for every category of slippers. Brown’s has everything from simple moccasins, to supportive, orthopedic fuzzy shoes. Be they for the tiniest member of your family or the adults who never grew up, we have plenty of slippers to choose from.

Whatever your holiday tradition, be sure to put Brown’s on your list this year. Stay safe, and have a happy new year.

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